Friday, February 20, 2009

PBMR to run out of cash in 2010

Conceptual layout of a PBMR
Johannesburg's Business Report says the pebble bed modular reactor project is running out of cash. It's initial goals may have to be redirected.

One way to obtain an early benefit from the PBMR is to use its heat directly, deferring the development of the helium turbine and electric generator. South Africa's SASOL company is the largest producer of gasoline from coal. The heat to drive the conversion also comes from coal, leading to increased CO2 emissions. The PBMR heat can be used instead, lowering CO2 emissions. Such process heat could also be used for extracting oil from the Canadian tar sands. Hyperion Power is also exploring this use for its uranium hydride reactor technology.


Dewald said...

Trevor Manuel quit pouring money into the project, the new ANC regime prefers handing out grants than developing technology.

Chris Koym said...

Dr. Hargraves,

I am working on a project for a class, and have chosen to focus on PBMRs. A lot of my Google searches are bringing me to your blog, so it sees like a good idea to ask if you can share more information with me. If you have a few moments I will share my project with you, and see what you have to say about it.

chriskoym (at) gmail (dot) com

whareagle said...

Contact him at his university address. He doesn't check in here as often as he used to. He can be found via Google.

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